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Friends For the Restoration & Preservation of
The Hotel Monte Vista

Are you looking to donate to a benevolent and noteworthy cause in the spirit of keeping the history of Old Route 66 alive? The Friends for the Restoration & Preservation of the Hotel Monte Vista are accepting donations in the forms of money or labor from interested individuals, groups, or organizations who appreciate and support our efforts to preserve this historic landmark for the future.

As was often the case with older American hotels in the late 50's and 60's, the Hotel Monte Vista fell into disrepair over the last generation. In an effort to preserve the history of Flagstaff and Old Route 66, James Craven purchased the hotel in June of 1994 from two elderly gentleman, and became a member of the Flagstaff Historic Preservation Commission. Regarding the restoration and preservation of the hotel, Mr. Craven states,

"It has been a long process to not only restore but to upgrade the facility. We started by removing the old cast iron radiators throughout the entire building, most of which did work, in order to replace them with much more cost effective and efficient baseboard heaters. To accomplish this, we installed a new electrical system making sure not to infringe on the historical nature of the building."

Some of the projects that Mr. Craven has accomplished over the past years are restoring the lobby to its original grandeur, and furnishing the antique rooms with all new, plush pillowtop beds and fixtures. In the future, Mr. Craven would like to restore the ornamental window mouldings, that inspire many local photographers, to their original glory. The Montgomery elevator that transports guests back in time as they travel from the lobby to the forth floor also needs some refurbishing. The elevator is rumored to be Arizona's oldest operating elevator, originally built in 1926.

"The Monte Vista is an incredibly well built and designed hotel considering that it was constructed between the years 1926 and 1927. The preservation of this very old structure and all of the history that occurred within and around it, is essential to aid those of us who understand, appreciate, and pay tribute to the efforts of those who came before us. Any contribution given to this endeavor will be a truly appreciated for its selfless nobility."

This is an ongoing project that requires attention, so help us preserve this piece of Northern Arizona’s history by making a donation. It is our promise that this classic structure, and all of its antiquity, will be fully restored to its well-deserved glory with your help.

Please send any donations to:
Friends For the Restoration & Preservation of Hotel Monte Vista.
100 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001

Make checks payable to The Hotel Monte Vista.
(All Donations are Tax Exempt.)
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100 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001
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