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The Hotel Monte Vista
Towering above the corners of Aspen and San Francisco Streets, The Hotel Monte Vista stands as a true touchstone for all of Flagstaff and its citizens.

The Hotel Monte Vista

Originally built in 1926 under a citizen subscription legislation, the Hotel Monte Vista soon became the place to stay for transcontinental travelers. For travelers and town folk alike, the hotel offered an oasis of lush surroundings and a chance to rub shoulders with the local and national elite. Located just one block north of famous Route 66, the Hotel Monte Vista has been home to thousands of adventurous and colorful characters, from bank robbers, to headlining Hollywood stars, Hotel Monte Vista has remained steadfast in its commitment to serve its patrons.
The Hotel Monte Vista remains a centerpiece for Historic Downtown Flagstaff.
Dozens of fine shops, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds, are within a few blocks and The Monte Vista Lounge offers live music on the weekends.

Surrounded by the beauty of Flagstaff, Arizona, The Hotel Monte Vista can meet all of your vacation needs with the convenience of only being within blocks of the train station. With the mountains and nearby canyon countries, Hotel Monte Vista is your place to relax and enjoy while you explore all of natural wonders Northern Arizona has to offer. The Hotel Monte Vista awaits your arrival.
Let us show you the old and new, and be your guide to a wonderful night or week long vacation. Staying at The Hotel Monte Vista can give you a true glimpse at the lifestyle of the Great American West.
The Hotel Monte Vista

Hotel Monte Vista's 80th Anniversery

100 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001
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The Hotel Monte Vista